Submission Interview

To better place your work with the proper sub-genre editor, we ask you to fill out The Futility Review Submissions Interview.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please state your name for the record:
Your occupation?
How would you describe the poems in your submissions?
Do your poems contain any of these trademark idiosyncrasies?
Does your submission contain any of these words:  shard, limn, or numinous? Regrettably, Yes
Do your poems mention grandma or your first dog? What's wrong with that?
Is there any mention of butterflies or unicorns in your work? Just in that one place
Which of these is your favorite line of poetry?
What journal would you consider your best credit to date?
When you have finished the interview, record your submission.  Please make sure there is no distracting ambient noise in your vicinity, and speak clearly.  Please state the title of each poem.   Keep the mouse in place until you are finished and then move the mouse slowly away.


You may also choose to submit your work via conventional means, by which we mean
  • U.S. Mail
  • Email Submission
  • Singing Telegram


Email submissions should be sent to

Mailed submissions and singing telegrams should be directed to:

The Futility Review
549 Rider Ridge Drive
Longmont, CO  80501